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Career Tech Cooperative Alliance Program

As part of the Cooperative Alliance Project, Oklahoma State University-IT, Rogers State University, and Tulsa Community College, in partnership with Tulsa Technology Center, have been approved to allow high school students to enroll in technical programs and courses under separate admission standards. 

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This partnership allows an 11th or 12th grade student enrolled in an accredited high school to be admitted to OSU-IT, RSU, or TCC and enroll in technical courses only for concurrent credit. 

Students must meet the following standards:

  1. Option I-ACT: 19 composite without the writing component
  2. Option 2-ACT PLAN: 15
  3. Option 3-High School GPA: 2.5

In addition to meeting the requirements above, students must provide a letter of support from a high school counselor and written permission from a parent or legal guardian.  All other concurrent admission policy requirements remain in effect for technical students, including retention standards.

Once a student has qualified for admission into an Alliance program, that student needs to only maintain the 2.0 GPA requirement to enroll for the next semester’s classes.  Students who wish to exceed the 19 hours allowed for this program may petition the higher education institution.

Certain technology courses are OHLAP (Oklahoma's Promise) approved courses.  A list is available here or the student may consult his or her counselor.  Oklahoma's Promise students must have two years of the same foreign/non-English language OR two years of computer science/computer technology.  One year of each will not count for Oklahoma's Promise.

Tulsa Tech - Preparing People for Success. (Taken from Tulsa Tech)

Tulsa Tech is a career and technology center school district dedicated to preparing people for success in the workplace. We help high school and adult students from across the Tulsa region explore new careers, upgrade their training and skills, and pursue their dreams. We build relationships between Tulsa-area companies and the motivated people who bring our classrooms, labs and shops to life throughout the year. The result is a stronger community where business and workers can find their edge and shine.

As our name suggests, technology is a driving force behind the Tulsa Tech learning experience. Our diverse courses and programs are designed to streamline the transition from the classroom to the real world. As such, we invest in continuous improvements to ensure our technology is in sync with today’s savvy, competitive, global economy.

Learn about our convenient locations, flexible scheduling and online classes, and you’ll also discover that at Tulsa Tech, accessibility is key. It’s one of the reasons 200 businesses, 3,200 full-time students and 69,000 adults found their place – and the skills they were looking for – in our many accessible programs last year.

Tulsa Tech is accredited by the Oklahoma Department of Education, the Oklahoma Board of Career and Technology Education and the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Many of our programs are also accredited where available by the specific industry standards associated with their industry.