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Early College High School Program offers opportunities

Originally posted September 27, 2017

Early College High School (ECHS) is a joint venture between Union Public Schools and Tulsa Community College, pending final approval by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education. This pilot program will enable eligible UHS students to graduate high school with both a diploma and an associate degree. Learn more about this program.

Early College High SchoolEarly College High School

In fall 2017, Union Public Schools and Tulsa Community College are embarking on a joint venture to create an Early College High School(ECHS) program that will be among the first of its kind in the state, pending final approval by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education in October.

This pilot program will enable eligible Union High School students to earn 60 college creditsconcurrently while attending Union High School; students who complete the program will receive both an associate degree and a high school diploma upon graduation.

While other school districts in Oklahoma have offered concurrent college classes for high school students, Union’s program will present a cohort of 50-60 students with a true Early College High School experience. TCC instructors will teach rigorous college-level courses on-site at Union High School. The courses offered at Union will include the general education requirements many local universities require in the initial two years of post-secondary education.  Students qualifying for the program will have the opportunity to earn 60 hours of college credit and an associate degree in a Liberal Arts field.

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Expectations are high . . . for students and the ECHS program. Through the cooperative and shared use of resources, personnel, and facilities, TCC and Union Public Schools will provide access to higher education while reducing the barriers to college completion.

This pilot program will set the stage for how Early College High School is implemented in Oklahoma.  The State Regents for Higher Education is committed to helping improve college graduation rates in Oklahoma, as well as helping to create more first-generation college students.

The program is also a direct response to Oklahoma’s workforce needs, as employers struggle to find enough qualified employees to fill positions in high-growth industries.  

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