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STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

Bill Murphy
Bill Murphy
Coordinator of STEM for Union Public Schools 


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From science labs at every elementary and middle school, to state-of-the-art Biotech and Alternative Energy labs at the High School’s Union Collegiate Academy, the district offers a wide range of STEM opportunities.

STEM Vision

STEM at Union Public Schools is an interdisciplinary approach to learning that encourages students to inquire, explore, and problem solve.

Union's vision of STEM is driven by four unique design principles, each with their own design features.  This framework provides direction for implementation, aides in curriculum and professional development, and drives our district goal of 100 percent college and career ready. 

Design Principles

Provide equitable opportunities and access for all students to engage in STEM experiences.

Design Features:

  • STEM experiences are a routine part of a students’ year.
  • STEM curriculum and instructional frameworks adhere to learning progressions and are vertically aligned from grades K-12.
  • STEM opportunities are available to all students across all grade levels and school

Emphasize inquiry, project-based learning and performance tasks.

Design Features:

  • Instruction is based on an inquiry approach.
  • A common Design Process drives planning, implementation, and revision.
  • An Assessment-for-Learning approach is emphasized to provide students with multiple opportunities to achieve mastery
  • Authentic, real-world challenges and issues drive learning.

Inspire and sustain a collaborative community among all stakeholder groups.

Design Features:

  • Students learn and work together.
  • Teachers are allotted dedicated time for STEM professional development.
  • Schools promote STEM-based experiences between their sites.
  •  Family engagement is valued in all STEM experiences.

Create high impact external partnerships integral to the scale and sustainability of STEM education.

Design Features

  • Fellowships and externships for students and teachers alike.
  • Out-of-school learning opportunities including designated field experiences i.e. internships, class visits, workforce opportunities, field experiences, etc.
  • Student clubs and extra-curriculars with community sponsorship/partnership.
  • Career pathways guided by local business with opportunity for employer-approved certification and credentialing.
  • Appointed district directors/liaisons for community outreach.

STEM Priorities

Union's STEM priorities include:

  • Implementation and training on the Union Design Process
  • Creating a STEM Exhibition.
  • Designing a STEM experience that serves as capstone or culminating experience.
  • Research, development, and training on Assessment for Learning.

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