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Student Assistance Program

Union Public Schools believes it is important for every student to be successful in an educational enviroment that fosters academics, healthy living, leadership, team building, community spirit, and strong morals and character.

Judith Dickson, LPC, NCC
Student Services/College & Career Counselor
Union 9th Grade Center

Phone: 918-357-7606 / FAX:    918-357-7622

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The goal of the Union Student Assistance Program is to assist in developing a safe, disciplined, and drug-free environment. The following objectives have been established to help achieve this goal:

  • Provide drug, violence, and behavioral educational/awareness prevention and intervention programs that are age appropriate.
  • Work with students on a four-level approach to drug prevention, based on a model of: experimentation, casual use, abuse and addiction.
  • Work with families. 
  •  Develop partnership programs with the community.  
  • Develop positive as well as punitive programs.
  • Empower students to become proactive in making right choices. 
  • Provide students with a thorough and appropriate education concerning the use of drugs, violence, and other undisciplined behaviors.
  • Provide students with an understanding of the negative consequences of their choices.
  • Provide students with instruction that gives them positive and practical options.
  • Provide prevention and intervention programs.


Character Counts!

Union SchoolsThe district's character education program includes six character qualities taught and reinforced during the year. Each site develops its own program around these character qualities.

Drug-Free Youth (D-FY)

The Drug-Free Youth organization involves students in grades 7-12 who have made a commitment to be drug-free. To join, each student must take an initial drug test, and submit to random testing. This student organization is extremely active and focuses on influencing others, especially younger students.

School Resource Officers
The SRO program involves officers assigned to the school district from the Tulsa County Sheriff's Department. Officers work directly with students, parents, teachers, and staff in assisting with education, prevention, intervention and officer friendly projects.
Operation Aware
This program targets students in grades 3-5 at some of our elementary schools. The program provides drug and violence education and prevention with a focus on refusal skills, including positive and practical options.
Crisis and Intervention Counseling
Crisis counseling is provided for situations with individuals or groups.
Conflict Resolution/Peer Mediation

This is mostly an elementary program where students learn through peer mediation how to better solve their own conflicts and how to assist others.
At-Risk Referral Program

Forms are provided that assist in reporting and helping students in the areas of: tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, violence, homicidal threats, and general at-risk behaviors.
Peer Influencing
Union SchoolsThis program allows D-FY and other students to serve as positive role models with younger students. Older students work directly with these students through assemblies, skits, and direct involvement with them in the cafeteria, on the playground, and in their classrooms. The purpose of the program is to influence younger children to make right choices.
School Based Mental Health Services
A variety of school based, mental health services are available to eligible students and their families.
Parent/Student Involvement Programs
Two programs in substance abuse and anger management are designed for prevention and intervention purposes. The student and accompanying parent and/or guardian attend these after-school two-hour sessions to gain assistance and information in the areas of drug use and violence. These programs can serve as alternatives to suspension.

Red Ribbon Week (Held in October)
Program involves grades K-8 through activities, assemblies, speakers, and a variety of ways to reinforce the message of remaining drug free. This is organized as a fun activity where parents, students, and teachers work together.

Community Partnership Programs

The district works together with other schools, churches, businesses, clubs, organizations, and parents to assist with our Student Assistance Programs.

Assemblies and Presentations

These work in helping us to accomplish our stated goals for the district.